Civil & Structural Engineering

Civil & Structural Discipline's team provides reliable design services based on concerns as:

  • Plant Requirements

  • Material Cost

  • Safety

  • Earthquake & Tensions

  • Vibrations

Our team evaluates, selects and applies standard engineering methods, techniques, procedures and criteria. Structural analysis and design are carried out applying site specific wind and seismic data as per codes and standards.

Our team also has the ability to redesign existing structures, if such need comes up due to equipment modification or relocation.

Our range of services:

  • Design and Detailed Engineering

  • Structural Analysis

  • 3D Modeling

  • Equipment Support Structure 

  • Material Take Off

  • Walkway, Ladder and Platform 

  • Foundation Drawings

  • Structural Fabrication Drawings

  • Steel Detailing

  • Overhead Power Transmission Line and Telecommunication Towers